Dynamic Earth is an immersive, hands-on science centre that features earth science and mining experiences.

The iconic experience- complete with a guided underground tour, multimedia theatres and engaging exhibits-entertains visitors of all ages in an interactive and educational setting.

Atlas Copco Theatre

Take a seat in our Atlas Copco Theatre and enjoy a specialized collection of films, projected on a giant screen!

Earth science shows will help you gain a better understanding of the world around you, while the feature selection complements your special exhibition tour.

Ask a bluecoat for today's schedule upon arrival.

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Floating Granite Globe

Can you move a three tonne piece of rock?

With the help of science, anything is possible!

Dynamic Earth's main lobby features a three-tonne, solid granite sphere, floating on an incredibly thin layer of water. Roll it around to see a map of the world and find your current location!

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The Famous Big Nickel

The Big Nickel is an exact replica of the 1951 Canadian nickel. It was built in 1964 and symbolizes the wealth that Sudbury has contributed to the Canadian economy through nickel production. The base enables the public to walk around the Big Nickel and under it. Access is barrier-free.

Big Nickel Fast Facts:

The Big Nickel is a replica of the 1951 Canadian five-cent coin, built in 1964 by local Sudburian Ted Szilva. Open to the public at no cost, visitors are invited to walk around the Big Nickel and explore the site of the Centennial Numismatic Park.

Big Nickel Fast Facts:

The Big Nickel is the largest coin in the world.

In the 1960's the Big Nickel was joined by four large coin monuments:

  • The Fantasy Penny,
  • The Lincoln Penny,
  • The Kennedy Half Dollar, and
  • The Twenty Dollar Gold Piece.

These four monuments were dismantled in 1984.

The 1951 5-cent coin was minted to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the isolation and naming of the element Nickel.

The obverse, or 'heads' is King George VI. The reverse, or 'tails' is a stylized nickel refinery with one large stack. It is NOT the Sudbury superstack!

The Big Nickel weighs close to 13,000 kilograms (approximately 13 tonnes).

It is about 64,607,747 times the size of a real Canadian nickel.

Over the years, the composition of the 5-cent coin changed until one final change to the nickel was made in 1999. Today’s 5-cent coin is 94.5% steel, 3.5% copper, and 2% nickel.

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Earth Gallery

In the Earth Gallery, visitors of all ages can discover the fascinating world of earth sciences.

Learn to identify rocks, minerals and fossils or bring in your own samples to trade at the Rockhound Lab!

Investigate dynamic Earth processes like earthquakes using our digital globe!

Head into the MacLean Engineering Gallery to experience our latest special exhibition!

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Mineral Wall

Located across from the Copper Café, the Mineral Wall is bursting with colours and textures from our natural world.

Explore, identify and learn all about the specimens with our interactive touchscreens. You won't be able to resist touching these rocks and minerals from around the world as they tell the Earth's geologic story.

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Explora Mine 

Hey kids! This three-level model mine is just your size!

Learn how to move ore through a mine. From sending ore up the skip, to transporting it along the conveyor and pushing it with a wheelbarrow, you'll be part of the mining process!

Use the stations on every level to communicate with the command centre and your fellow 'miners'.

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Glencore Rocks to Riches Theatre

You'll never look at your stainless steel sink the same way again!

This walk-through object theatre features immersive multimedia technology that takes you step-by-step through the processing of nickel and copper—from the mill to the smelter and then the refinery.

Witness how powerful mechanical forces crush and grind chunks of ore into fine powder.

See how intense heat separates the waste from valuable metals that are then further purified.

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MacLeod Rock Gallery

The Rock Gallery is where all the real work happens!

Test your skills in our Mine Training Centre while operating one of our exciting simulators, then join a rescue team for a mine rescue adventure.

Create mountains and lakes with the new virtual sandbox, then pan for REAL gold flakes in our gold panning table.

When you are all tuckered out, take a seat in Nickel City Stories or a trip through Rocks to Riches for an engaging multimedia experience.

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Mine Training Centre

Step into the world of modern mining and experience how vital technology and innovation are to the industry.

Test out mine equipment simulators, discover the science of mine tires and train in an immersive mine rescue environment.

Use the video and audio communication system to connect with friends hard at work in the Explora Mine.

You can even operate a remote rockbreaker located in our underground mine!

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Nickel City Stories

Step into Louie's barbershop and relax as he recounts fascinating historical events that helped shape the last 125 years of Sudbury's history.

Nickel City Stories is an engaging multimedia theatre that integrates a number of different effects to bring our city's rich history to life.

Ask a bluecoat for today's schedule upon arrival!

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‘In the Footsteps of Sudbury's Miners’ Underground Tour

Descend seven storeys to walk in the footsteps of Sudbury's miners. This guided tour takes you through our demonstration mine to discover the evolution of mining in the region, from the turn of the century to modern mining.

Underground tours are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.

Make sure to pick up your pass for the next available tour time as soon as you arrive!

Sturdy footwear and a jacket are recommended.

Temperature underground is approximately 13C (55 F).

There are flashing lights.

Purchase a postcard at the Sales Centre to mail in our Underground Postbox!

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Vale Chasm Show & Mine Dry

Enter our Mine Dry and prepare for an unforgettable journey as you descend in a glass platform elevator through a dramatic rock chasm while viewing a state-of-the art multimedia show.

Then, don your miner’s safety hat and prepare to enter our underground drifts!

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