Welcome to GeoTours Northern Ontario! Rugged Canadian Shield landscapes and a rich mining heritage define much of Northern Ontario. GeoTours dig into the geologicial stories that explain how Northern Ontario's well known geological features came to be. We visit lakes and waterfalls, cliffs and cayons, mines and museums. we represent stories from the Greater Sudbury area, where a meteorite impact 1.85 billion years ago resulted in rich nickle-copper ore deposits that have made the Greater Sudbury area world famous. We also explore fascinating geological sites from Thunder Bay to Parry Sound and Killarney to Timmins.

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Each richly illustrated GeoTour highlights geologicial sites of interest in or near various communities across Northern Ontario. We invite you to read the virtual tours, print them out or save the PDFs on your tablet, then visit the sites to see them for yourself.

Who are we?

Geoscientists from Natural Resources Canada's Geologicial Survey of Canada, Ontario Geologicial Survey, Dynamic Earth science centre and Laurentian University have created GeoTours Northern ontario. By telling the intriguing stories of Northern Ontario's geoology, we want to inspire you to visit these remarkable places. For resident or visitor alike, we hope you come to know better this remarkable landscape, its often astonding geologicial origins and its vibrant mining history and economy.

Greater Sudbury

Built around many small, rocky mountains with exposed rock of the Canadian (Precambrian) Shield. The ore deposits in Greater Sudbury are part of a large geologicial structure known as the Sudbury Basin, which is the remnant of a 1.85 billion-year meteorite impact crater.

A.Y. Jackson Lookout

High Falls and Greater Sudbury's Famous Meterorite Crater

Copper Cliff

A Driving tour of Greater Sudbury's Mining Industry

Copper Cliff Smelter Superstack

Metals from Minerals, Managing Environmental Impacts, and Historic Mining

Discovery Site of Sudbury Mining Camp

Birthplace of a World Famous Mining District

Dynamic Earth

Ancient Seafloor, Meterorite-Blasted Rock, Ice Age Scupture and Greater Sudbury's Smelter

Jane Goodall Reclamation Trail

Healing Greater Sudbury's Landscape

Science North

Canadian Shield Rock with Stories of Ancient Meterorite Impact, Faulting and Glacial Scultping