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Our external sales services grew from the roots of Science North's international acknowledgement as a leader in science communication. Recognizing an industry need, Science North began selling its popular exhibits to other science centers seeking to provide interesting, and thought-provoking experiences to their visitors.

Success soon followed, and we expanded our offerings to include our signature object theaters, and large format films to organizations beyond the world of science centers. Drawing on the strong communication and interpretation skills of Science North production staff, we began customizing multimedia theaters for private and public visitor-based organizations.

While topics and messages vary with each client, Science North maintains a constant; the ability to reach audiences through communication. In addition to providing unique visitor experiences, Science North also provides operational consulting. Operating Science North, Dynamic Earth, an underground mine tour, an IMAX theater, a Planetarium, food and retail services since 1984 arms us with the expertise and understanding of visitors needs, expectations, and what it takes to deliver consistently outstanding visitor service every day, as well as what keeps people coming back again and again.

Science North has the expertise that can transform your vision into reality.

By accessing our services, you will be tapping into that expertise and creativity, to conceptualize and launch high quality visitor experiences at your facility. Our talent lies in transforming your vision into interactive adventures that will educate, inspire and entertain.

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