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The Northern Forest

Stroll through the Northern Forest, an outdoor space next to the Science North parking lot that was naturalized in the early 1990's with a variety of native tree and shrub species. The Northern Forest is now home to hundreds of species of trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses and animals. Go on an interpretive self-guided tour and learn about different forest types and processes.

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Arctic Voices

Despite its seemingly remote location, the Arctic is connected to all of us.

Arctic Voices, a new special exhibition at Science North, will take you on a journey to this fascinating and changing region.

The Arctic is more than just snow: it is land, water, and ice. It is home to people and wildlife. It is a place of rapid change. Find out what affects the Arctic and in turn, how the Arctic has an impact on the whole planet.

Take a closer look at the connections between life on land and life in the sea. Pounce, hop, push and crawl your way through animal life in the Arctic. Come face to face with a polar bear. Travel with scientists as they catch and tag Arctic whales. Go on a garden tour to see how plants have adapted to survive and thrive in this harsh environment.

Hear from the people that inhabit this region as they share their knowledge and unique culture. Participate in throat singing, a traditional art with modern applications. Meet some of the scientists documenting and studying the implications of a changing north.

Challenge your perceptions of the Arctic and discover a colourful land that’s actually closer to your own backyard than you think.

Arctic Voices is a co-production of:

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TD Canada Trust Toddler's Treehouse

Toddlers and preschoolers have a special place at Science North! This great educational play area is dedicated to young children from newborn to age five.

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Wildfires! A Firefighting Adventure in 4D

Adrenaline rushes through your body as you witness the unfolding drama of Wildfires! A Firefighting Adventure in 4D. Feel the excitement as a ground crew, transported by helicopter into the remote wilderness, tries to contain the rapidly spreading fire. Ride along with the Air Attack Officer as operations are directed from a seat high above the blaze. Be the co-pilot in a CL 415 water bomber as it undertakes the difficult and sometimes dangerous mission of controlling a major forest fire from the air, swooping down to pick up a load of water and dropping it at the centre of the action. Experience Wildfires! in the Science North Vale Cavern. (25 minute show)

Watch the Wildfires! trailer

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F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery

Close to 400 free-flying tropical butterflies make their home amidst more than 200 exotic plants in this tropical environment. Watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis in the eclosion cabinet. Learn what countries these species come from, their life cycle and mating habits. Use the magnifiers attached to the portable feeding stations for a closer look.

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Fossil Table

425 million years ago, Manitoulin Island was located near the Equator and was home to a coral reef. Take home evidence of some of the life that thrived there by searching through pieces of rock from the Island and finding a fossil.

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Nature Exchange Program

Reignite your passion for the natural world. Investigate and learn how to earn points to swap items from our collection to yours. Natural items found around your native surroundings can be traded along with information to acquire points needed to trade for other items.

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Rock Xylophone

Did you know that rocks are musical? The amount of silica in a rock affects its resonance. Play a tune on these rock cores and hear the different notes.

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Tropical Invertebrates

Visit with friends from far away countries. Learn why our bugs are so small. Find out what a snail feels like in your hand or how millipedes protect themselves by touching the real thing.

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Discovery Theatre

This amphitheatre is the setting for wacky and wonderful science demonstrations, hosted live each day by Science North’s talented staff! Each show features plenty of audience participation and plenty of surprises! The Discovery Theatre is accessible from both the Third and Fourth Floors.

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Erosion Table

Explore Earth sciences with the help of this giant stream table. Children especially enjoy playing with water and sand to discover simple principles about erosion and force. The erosion table is located between the Wetlands and Lakes and Rivers Labs.

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Honey Bee Observation Hive

Take a closer look at a living honey bee colony! Learn the difference between honey bees, bumble bees, wasps and hornets. See the world through the unique eyes of a honey bee and find out about the nectar guides they use to find pollen on flowers. Watch honey bees in action as they produce honey, leave the hive to scavenge for nectar, feed baby bee larvae and tend to the queen.

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Nocturnal Room

Enter the darkened environment of our nocturnal room! Catch a glimpse of some of our nocturnal animals in action, like the Northern Flying Squirrel, Big Brown Bat and Deer mouse.

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Northern Garden

The Northern Garden is an outdoor visitor space that can be accessed through the 3rd floor. The Northern Garden is a beautiful space to unwind. The Northern Garden is a great learning space for anyone interested in naturalizing their landscape. The garden features a variety of native plant species, a certified Monarch Waystation and is home to many healthy populations of native birds, amphibians, insects and mammals.

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Northern Ontario Trees

Learn about some of the diseases, pests and special features of a few Northern Ontario tree species as you walk under our larger than life artificial trees.

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Smell: the Sense of Communication!

Challenge your friends and family and use your noses to identify a variety of real scents you might encounter in the forests of Northern Ontario.

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Sulfur Dioxide Monitoring Station

Access real-time data and information relating to the local air quality of Greater Sudbury. Learn how we measure sulfur dioxide (SO2) in our air and monitor emissions. How do weather and air currents can affect SO2 concentrations at ground-level? The monitoring station at Science North is the only one out of 17 sulfur dioxide monitoring stations in Greater Sudbury that is accessible to the public.

Science North’s SO2 Lab is sponsored by Vale, Xstrata Nickel and Bestech Engineering.

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Touch and Explore Specimen Wall

Test your knowledge of northern Ontario mammals using real and replicate specimens. Touch an elk skull to find their primitive sharp canines, or pick up the antlers of a caribou: male or female? Can you tell the difference between the scat of a black bear and grey wolf? Can you differentiate between the fur of a muskrat and a beaver?

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Wearable Moose Antlers

Snap a picture of you and your family wearing real moose antlers! These donated antlers weigh over 50 lbs and belonged to a large bull of the Alaskan or Giant Moose sub-species.

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Wetlands lab

Identify the frogs and birds that inhabit Ontario’s wetlands through their physical characteristics and their calls, and then try to imitate them yourself! Take a peek out onto Lily Creek for the opportunity to observe some of the species that live there. Get up close to some real live Northern Ontario amphibian and reptile species, including Russ, the eastern Massasauga rattlesnake.

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Be a DJ!

Do you have the talent to be a DJ? Use the DJ console and a combination of software and hardware to create your own music by scratching, mixing and blending songs together.

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Between the Stars

Journey to the very limits of time, space and understanding. From Galileo's inspired observations of Jupiter 400 years ago, to today's extraordinary telescopes, observatories, and space probes, every new discovery has shown us that the universe is more astonishing than we could imagine. Explore our understanding of the universe in Between the Stars. But with each answer comes new questions; none more perplexing than, "What is the universe actually made of?"

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The Changing Climate Show

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Sheepy, the rubber-booted and informed sheep, returns in this update of the popular object theatre show, which debuted at Science North in 2002. He's following up with us – humans – about our attempts to minimize the effects of climate change. This time, he's enlisted the help of "Fleece-Net", a global network of informed sheep, to gather vital information about current climate situations worldwide. Together, they present a picture of our vulnerabilities while also highlighting innovative solutions that are being implemented around the world. It's clear that our modern lifestyles must adapt to changing climates and continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Canadian satirist Rick Mercer reprises his role as the voice of Sheepy.

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Club Génome

Surrounded by high-tempo music and vibrant lights, you'll enter a cell in the human body and experience the various parts of a cell in action. Find out how cells communicate and how DNA acts as a blueprint to map out the life functions of all living things. Discover what medical breakthroughs are on the horizon thanks to genetic science.

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Colour Your Shadow

You may have mixed paint before, but have you ever mixed light? Mix red, green, and blue lights and see how the colours blend to make different colours. Make shadows inside the box and see what happens.

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Diffusion Cloud Chamber

Every second billions of particles go right through you. Many have no interactions with your body and will just keep going. The cloud chamber will allow you to see the traces of just a small fraction of these particles.

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FedNor CyberZone Computer Lab

Experiment with the latest computer programs and technologies, surf the web, and play some popular games.

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Flight Simulator

Learn to fly by exploring the cockpit and mastering the controls and gauges of a DeHavilland Beaver floatplane. Learn about the physics of flight and the forces that help a plane fly and land.

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Experiment with magnetism and structures with this innovative building toy consisting of magnetic rods and ball bearings. Geomag is a Swiss manufacturer with the original and only patented product that has had no recall history since originating in 1999.

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Gravity Well

In a galaxy where planets are made of marbles, behold the power of a black hole's gravitational field! Smash marbles together, see how smaller marbles behave differently than larger ones, and mimic orbital paths of varying shapes.

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Healthy Bodies Toddler Area

You’re never too young to have a healthy body! Learn about the four food groups in the play kitchen. Play a matching game with plush organs and microbes. Try on the "empty body" vest and attach the organs in the right place.

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High Speed Photography

The world of high speed can capture things that the human eye cannot. Ever wonder what it would be like to slow time down and watch something in slow motion? Record and see what happens when you drop something at regular speed and compare it to what it looks like when it’s slowed down.

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How Tall Will You Grow?

Learn about human growth trends and predict how tall you will be when you reach adult height.

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Human Fitness Lab

Test your speed, strength, and flexibility in the Human Fitness Lab. Get your body moving at any one of a number of fitness stations. Being active is key to health and fitness!

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The Human Gyroscope

Twist, turn and tumble as you experience first-hand the gyroscopic forces that astronauts must face when training to control tumbling spacecraft.

Certain height and weight restrictions apply.

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Hydrostatic Weigh Tank

Starting up a new fitness regime or lifestyle change and want a baseline measure or to track your progress? Or are you just curious about your body composition? Take a dip in the Hydrostatic Weigh Tank to accurately measure your body composition as a percentage of body mass fat versus muscle/other. Note: Hydrostatic weighs must be booked at least 24 hours in advance with either Nina Nesseth (ext 209) or Dana Murchison (ext 208).

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Legends of the Great Lakes

Voyage through the Earth's greatest freshwater ecosystem and discover the breathtaking scenery of the Great Lakes, and the species that call it home. Join a father and daughter camping trip on the shore of Lake Superior, and experience the remarkable stories of three key species and the significance of the Great Lakes on their past and future. This theatre features new stories created using some of the high-definition, sweeping imagery from Science North's award-winning large-format film Mysteries of the Great Lakes.

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Marble Avalanche

Stack up the marbles on the slope, then let one go and see how the avalanche builds.

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Microgravity Drop Tower

Watch experiments fall from the top of the tower to learn about weightlessness, and what our lives would be like without gravity.

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SNTV News Room

Explore current science news stories by using a teleprompter and becoming a science news reporter in our special green screen studio. Take home a video of your experience by emailing a copy to yourself.

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Solar System Models

Look at different models of our Solar System and compare the sizes and speeds of the planets as they orbit the Sun.

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Sound Tube

Shout into the sound tube and listen to the delay as your voice travels through the tube and back to your ears.

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Speed Park Racetrack

Vroom vroom! Learning about pulley ratios, motors, and structural stability has never been such fun! It's bigger & better with a figure 8 design, banked corners, and a pit area too!

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Sprint Track

Take your mark, get set, and test your sprint start! Adjust the starting blocks and race against your friends and family. Try to get the fastest sprint start time and review your technique using the slow-motion video replay of you leaving the blocks.

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Stop-Motion Animation

Use a camera, computer, different backgrounds and a box of toys to create your own stop-motion animation video. All you need is your imagination! Play back your animation and see how you did.

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The Doppler Effect

Spin the buzzer around and listen to how the sound waves are changed as it moves.

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Timelapse Spin Browser

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a butterfly emerge from its pupae or chrysalis? Explore the world of time-lapse photography by spinning through a series of photographs taken over time and pieced together creating an effect of time lapsing.

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Water Works - Dripping Faucet

Find out how much water is wasted by a leaky faucet. Come back later and see how much the water level has changed. 

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Wave Generators

Experiment with a model of wave motion to see how waves form, travel, and interact. See an amazing video of a wave that collapsed a bridge!

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