The Science of Guinness World Records




Admission to the exhibit is included in your visit to the science centre.

How have exceptional and everyday people, like you, made their way into the record books? At this special exhibition, visitors of all ages learn about the science behind Guinness World Records, along with science experiences and record breaking challenges. Learn about amazing record breakers, and yourself, as you are drawn in by inspirational stories and intriguing artifacts.

Be amazed by the fastest, longest, highest, and strongest! Learn the science behind these feats and use this knowledge to develop your skills.

Be amazing as you explore, focus, react, and endure! Challenge yourself, your friends, or your family to climb the leaderboard.

Be officially amazing and break a world record! Celebrate your unique talents and the knowledge that you are scientifically amazing. As you explore the exhibition you will engage with exhibits, attempts, workshops and multi-media experiences in the Explore, Focus, React and Endure Zones of the exhibition. Come back often to hone your skills and participate in our Officially Amazing attempts where you may be an official record breaker!

The Science of Guinness World Records was developed and produced by Science North, in partnership with Ripley Entertainment Inc. and Guinness World Records. 





On March 19th, 2020, Science North set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title! In partnership with the Real Canadian Superstore, Science North hosted an OFFICIALLY AMAZING™ community contributory event! THANK YOU SUDBURY for being part of building the largest binary coded message made with canned food items.

community contributory event


We wanted our event to reflect our love for STEM. As a result, our gigantic 25’ x 31.27’ (7.62 m x 9.53m) message was made out of 8,700 cans of food and translates to SCIENCENORTH in binary.

Fun Fact: Binary is the language for computers, it uses only 1’s and 0’s which translates to an on or off electrical signal.

All canned food and proceeds from the sales of cans were donated to the Sudbury Food Bank.




On March 19th, 2020, an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator verified our record attempt and presented us with an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title!

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