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Notice: Paid parking will be returning to Science North and Dynamic Earth beginning Monday, June 27. Click here for pricing.

Current Exhibits

Reinventing Reality explores the science, creativity, and innovation behind one of the fastest evolving technologies, virtual reality. Collaborating with friends and families, visitors will investigate how virtual reality works and how it’s transforming the way we see and interact with the world.

Go Deeper and experience the next level of modern mining innovations at Dynamic Earth!

With so much to do and discover, adventure lies around every turn. Discover everything that Northern Ontario has to offer – culture, art, science, heritage, culinary, and recreational tourism. Experience a staycation expo, an attractions showcase, and a local market. Adventure awaits in your own backyard!

Go behind the scenes and see what it takes to be a Guinness World Record title holder. Hear the stories of those who set out to break new ground and succeeded. Learn the secrets, then try it yourself. Challenge your friends, your family, your foes, your classmates, or even other visitors.

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