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Board of Trustees & Senior Leadership Team


  • DR. STEPHEN KOSAR (chair)
  • JAMES LUNDRIGAN (vice-chair)
  • Frederick Bradford (Brad) Claridge
  • Dr. Jordi Cisa
  • Alison De Luisa 
  • Helena Devins
  • Kevin Eshkawkogan
  • Heather Gropp
  • Stella Holloway
  • Raymond Mantha
  • Marett McCulloch
  • Ian McMillan
  • Tyler Peroni
  • Gregory Seguin
  • Ronald Trebb


ashley larose ceo

Ashley Larose, MSc

Chief Executive Officer

larose [at] sciencenorth.ca

nick ayre

Nick Ayre

Director of Organizational Development & IT

ayre [at] sciencenorth.ca

ryan land

Ryan Land

Director of Education and Northern Programs

land [at] sciencenorth.ca

julie moskalyk

Julie Moskalyk

Director of Science

moskalyk [at] sciencenorth.ca

celine roy

Céline Roy, CPA, CMA

Director of Finance

celineroy [at] sciencenorth.ca

julia aelick

Julia Aelick

Senior Marketing Manager

aelick [at] sciencenorth.ca

jennifer beaudry

Jennifer Beaudry

Senior Manager — Dynamic Earth

beaudry [at] sciencenorth.ca

sarah chisnell

Sarah Chisnell

Senior ManagerSTEM Education

chisnell [at] sciencenorth.ca

lora clausen

Lora Clausen

Senior Manager — Northern STEM Initiatives

clausen [at] sciencenorth.ca

lindsay donnelly

Lindsay Donnelly

Senior Manager of Development

donnelly [at] sciencenorth.ca

kate gauvreau

Kate Gauvreau

Senior Manager of Onsite Business and Services Development

gauvreau [at] sciencenorth.ca

amy henson

Amy Henson

Senior ScientistScience Centre Operations and New Audiences Initiatives

henson [at] sciencenorth.ca

emily kerton

Emily Kerton

Project Lead, Northwest Expansion Project and Indigenous Initiatives

kerton [at] sciencenorth.ca

tina leduc

Tina Leduc

Senior Manager of Informal STEM Programs

leduc [at] sciencenorth.ca

garth moote

Garth Moote

Senior Manager of Facilities for Science North (on contract from Black & McDonald Ltd.)

moote [at] sciencenorth.ca

kaitlin richard

Kaitlin Richard

Senior Manager — STEM Outreach, Interim

richard [at] sciencenorth.ca

darla stoddart

Darla Stoddart

Senior ManagerProjects

stoddart [at] sciencenorth.ca

corey jackson

Corey Jackson

Senior ManagerIT

corey.jackson [at] sciencenorth.ca

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