Science North’s Student Science Advisory Council is made up from 15 students from across the City of Greater Sudbury with a passion for science outside of school. The council gives input on exhibit and other science centre experience selection, design, and development and helps to plan student events at the science centre.

Are you an idea-generating Ninja?
Join Science North’s Student Science Advisory Council!

  • Ideal for grades 9 to 12.
  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • Council meetings are once a month after school at Science North.
  • This is a paid position.

Students interested in applying for these positions are asked to submit a either a letter (one page) or video (under 3 minutes) that includes their grade and school and expresses why they are interested in being a member of the Student Science Advisory Council and how they could contribute to the success of the council. 

Letters and videos (external links to videos are acceptable) are to be sent directly to Amy Henson by emailing henson [at] sciencenorth.ca by October 18, 2020.

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Student Science Advisory Council Terms of Reference


Science North is committed to developing new experiences to grow and retain new audiences, including teenagers. The Science North Student Advisory Council is a science advisory council committed to developing a teenager-friendly environment and experience at Science North, Dynamic Earth.


Our mandate is to work collaboratively with Science North teams to improve science experiences for teenagers and inform development and delivery of programs and exhibits.

  1. Advise Science North how to engage young people during their free time through programs and events at Science North and Dynamic Earth.
  2. Give input, feedback and ideas on exhibit selection, design and development.
  3. Give input on other science experience development (films, object theatres, events, etc).
  4. Give input on onsite business, grounds, and environment.
  5. Research and plan teen events (event theme, review and approve marketing tactics and materials, help spread the word through their networks on social media).
  6. Actively participate in student events, bring friends with them, promote events at school. Post on social media during the event.
  7. Provide feedback on events, exhibits and experience successes and areas in need for improvement.

The Science North Student Council membership consists of 15 members representing a diverse group within this community's youth population whether it is culture, language, abilities, religion, gender, sex, and / or age.

  • To attend and fully participate in meetings.
  • To be informed on roles, responsibilities and activities of the Student Advisory Council.
  • To share information/concerns as appropriate.
  • To check email, text messages, and Facebook messages at least once a week and respond.
  • To notify the Science North Lead (Staff Scientist) if unable to attend meetings. No member shall be absent for more than three consecutive meetings without reasonable cause. The member shall be deemed to have resigned. If a member chooses to resign, a letter of resignation would be requested to outline the reasons and an exit interview would be scheduled.
  • Members are required to arrange their own transportation to and from meetings and events.

At the end of the council term, successful members who have not yet reached the age of 18 will be invited to remain on the council for the following year. Members can either accept or decline. New members will be added based on additional spaces and will be recruited in August and September.

  • This is a paid position at Science North.
  • Build a teenager-friendly environment and experience at Science North, Dynamic Earth and our attractions and services.
  • Increase teenager attendance to the science centres and events.
  • Develop teenagers that have ownership of their science centre in their community.
  • Provide opportunity to build leadership and communication skills.




  • Help build better science experiences for my peers.
  • Build my leadership and community skills.
  • Gain experience working in a community committee.

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