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Key Contacts

For information on:

Contact Sales & Customer Service

contactus [at] sciencenorth.ca
705-522-3701 ext. 0

If you are experiencing problems booking your:

Contact our Science North Booking Agents:

contactus [at] sciencenorth.ca
705-522-3701 ext. 0

For information on Facility Rentals:

Contact gauvreau [at] sciencenorth.ca (Kate Gauvreau)
705-522-3701 ext. 213

For Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing or Finance Inquiries:

Contact Financial Services
finance [at] sciencenorth.ca

For information on our Science Communication Program in partnership with Laurentian University:

Contact cbarriault [at] laurentian.ca (Chantal Barriault) or Contact dpearson [at] laurentian.ca (David Pearson)

For information on buying or renting a Science North exhibit or multimedia production:

Contact rainville [at] sciencenorth.ca (Troy Rainville)
705-522-3701 ext. 308

For information on our Large Format Films:

Contact International Sales
705-522-3701 ext. 308

For Media Inquiries:

Contact fielding [at] sciencenorth.ca (Lara Fielding)
705-522-3701 ext. 276

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