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Honorary Life Member

honorary life member celebration


Dick DeStefano
Executive Director (retired)
Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association (now called MineConnect)

dick destefanoDick DeStefano is the retired founder of the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association, now called MineConnect. Dick has been a passionate supporter and champion of Dynamic Earth and Science North. Previously at Garson-Falconbridge High School and as a counselor / professor at Cambrian College, Dick’s career path was followed by his role as Commissioner on the Canadian Radio and Television Commission.

Meagan McGrath

meagan mcgrathSince 2002, Meagan McGrath has summitted many peaks throughout the world in her quest to climb the “Seven Summits”. In May 2007, Meagan summited Mount Everest and was supported by Science North to do so, achieving her goal to climb the Seven Summits. A past Science North science camp participant, Meagan attributes being in a STEM career to Science North. A proud Sudburian, Meagan enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1995, she graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2000, with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry).

about the honorary life member award


The Honorary Life Member Award was instituted in 1984 by the Board of Trustees of Science North to recognize individuals who(se):

  • Have made an outstanding contribution to science  

  • Have contributed to the popularization of science

  • Have had an impact in the geographic area served by Science North

  • Work has supported the objectives of Science North

  • Are regarded as role models in Science North

  • Have made a sustained effort in inspiring an appreciation of science and technology



  • Dr. E. Douglas Hallman


  • Amadeo Parissenti



  • Rick Bartolucci  


  • Jim Marchbank 


  • Robert Cassibo
  • Dr. William Patrick Fay
  • Dr. Fraser Mustard


  • Dr. Joseph MacInnis
  • Dr. Art McDonald


  • Honourable Douglas Frith
  • Bob Rae
  • Dr. Lloyd Reed
  • Tom Semadeni


  • Georges Brossard
  • Dr. Philip Currie
  • Dr. Melville Brockett Fenton
  • David H. Levy
  • Peter Pula


  • Dr. Roberta Bondar
  • Robert G. Gougeon
  • Dr. Larry Seeley


  • Rachelle Beauchamp
  • W. (Bill) Keller
  • Donald Phillips
  • W.B. (Bill) Plaunt


  • Dr. Walter F. Davidson
  • Dr. Ursula Franklin
  • T.L. Hennessy
  • Grace Rumball
  • Dr. Helen Sawyer Hogg


  • Gyula Borbely
  • Dr. Gerhard Herzberg
  • James T. Miller
  • Dr. John Tuzo Wilson


  • Dr. Walter Curlook
  • Omer Gagnon
  • Dr. Brian Kaye
  • Dr. John Scarratt


  • Dr. Paul Field
  • Thomas H. Peters
  • Keith Winterhalder


  • George Lund
  • Dr. David Pearson


  • J. Edwin Carter
  • Honourable William Davis
  • Honourable Robert Desmarais
  • Delki Dozzi
  • Honourable Judy Erola


  • Alex Baumann
  • Jeno Tihanyi


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