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Extreme Sports: Beyond Human Limits


Extreme Sports: Beyond Human Limits invites you to challenge yourself as you jump, fly, dive, and climb while exploring some of the most extreme sports in the world. In this action-packed exhibit, discover what it takes to maximize your potential while you explore the psychology and science behind the thrills and spills of adventure sports!

extreme sports beyond human limits at science north

Explore the science behind athletes as you learn the physical strength and razor-sharp mentality that fuels their determination!

Although you may think that certain sports are exclusively reserved for daredevils and thrill seekers, Extreme Sports will demonstrate these activities require an elite level of technical skill, high intelligence, and quick decision-making abilities. 

Athletes and fans alike will gain a new appreciation for the high levels of physical and mental exertion required.
Hear athletes’ stories from around the world that highlight their dedication and unwavering determination. Immerse yourself in captivating exhibits and hands-on activities that bring extreme sports to life. Discover the science, creativity, and innovation behind them, encouraging you to push your limits!

woman rock climbing

From virtual reality to full-body play, Extreme Sports brings science and adventure together in a way that sparks curiosity and fuels the imagination!

Whether you're a seasoned sports enthusiast or a curious youngster, this exhibition promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of extreme athleticism, breaking down barriers and inspiring limitless possibilities for all who dare to explore.
Extreme Sports caters to a diverse audience, ensuring visitors of all ages can enjoy and learn from its captivating displays. There are a variety of activities designed specifically for both kids and adults, creating an environment full of adrenaline and discovery. 


  • Challenge your balance on a high-line and feel the exhilaration as you attempt to synchronize your body and mind!
  • Try out a parkour course that ends with an upside-down halfpipe photo-op!
  • Enter a virtual race that takes you through steep backcountry slopes!
  • Pilot a wingsuit in a simulated adventure that captures the heart-pounding rush of a freefall!
  • Scale kid-sized climbing walls that test your grip, flexibility, and grit!
  • Snuggle into a portaledge hanging tent and experience what it's like to sleep like a rock climber!
  • Step into the Immersion Room to feel the rush of mountain biking and whitewater kayaking firsthand!
  • Challenge your concentration and estimate your candidacy for the world of extreme activities through a series of interactive tests and quizzes!

man snowboarding

Extreme Sports: Beyond Human Limits was developed and produced by Science North in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre

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