Science North’s Planetarium is the first of its kind in Northern Ontario! 

The digital technology, surround sound and an 8.4-metre dome screen immerse audiences in voyages to the edge of the known universe, billions of light years away.

Also, Science North Staff Scientists use our comprehensive library of scientific data, ready-to-use educational materials, and advanced real-time production tools to teach more about the stars, planets and galaxies through live presentations.





  • 10:00AM — Le souhait de Dorian
  • 10:30AM — Dorian's Wish
  • 11:00AM — Experience the Aurora
  • 1:00PM — Under the Same Stars: Minwaadiziwin
  • 2:00PM — Sous les memes étoiles : Minwaadiziwin
  • 3:00PM — Experience the Aurora


dorian's wish

An interactive show especially for children. Explore the wonders of the Planetarium through a unique child’s eye view of the skies in this whimsical and innovative production. Mixing elements of traditional storytelling with digital technology, every show is slightly different as the children in the audience choose what they want to see.

Best for children ages 2 to 6

20 minutes

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experience the aurora

Marvel as the Northern Lights shimmer and glisten overhead through time-lapse footage captured in the Arctic Circle. This immersive show is the next best thing to being under the Great White North’s winter night sky. Unearth the science behind auroras, and learn about mankind’s quest to find and understand this incredible phenomenon.

Best for children ages 8+

45 minutes, includes live constellation tour delivered by a Bluecoat

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under the same stars: Minwaadiziwin

under the same stars: minwaadiziwin

The First People were scientists and innovators, carefully tracking and moving with the seasons and creating inventions that allowed them to survive in the northern forests of our country.

With this close connection to the natural world, the Indigenous People of Canada developed a strong culture, rooted in respect for the environment. Under the Same Stars: Minwaadiziwin aims to give visitors a chance to learn about the Indigenous worldview and sit at the fire with two people who are connected to the traditional ways.

All ages

45 minute experience: includes live content delivered by a Bluecoat

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This is one star-studded event! Come to a free Star Parties to look at the night sky through a telescope and discover what’s out there.

Everyone is welcome at Star Parties held by Science North, the Royal Astronomical Society Sudbury Centre, and the North Bay Astronomy Club throughout the year.

Gaze at the planets, the moon and other astronomical entities through powerful telescopes and binoculars, and learn how to find constellations and hear some of their mythologies.

Star Parties are held outdoors in front of the small snowflake building at Science North unless noted otherwise.

Please dress for the weather! In fall, winter and spring, wear a warm coat, gloves or mitts, and a toque. In the summer, wear long pants and sleeves, and bring mosquito repellant.

All Star Parties are weather permitting. To confirm, please call the Star Party Hotline at (705) 522-3701 ext. 243 after 5PM on the day of the party.


9:30PM — 11:30PM


  • Saturday, July 11, 2020
  • Saturday, July 18, 2020
  • Saturday, July 25, 2020
  • Saturday, August 15, 2020
  • Saturday, August 22, 2020
  • Saturday, August 29, 2020
  • Saturday, September 5, 2020

star parties


Lucie Robillard
Science Communicator, Planetarium
(705) 522-3701 ext. 321
robillard [at]

canadian space agency

national sciences and engineering resources council of canada

Star Parties are generously supported by


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